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Library Day in the Life 7/27/11

Day 3 of my Library Day in the Life project

I’m the Reference and Web Services Coordinator at a public library

8:00 – check website to confirm yesterday’s problem has been resolved. It has.

8:05 – email; notify staff of problem resolution

8:25 – check new website & project management site, test more bug fixes

8:40 – supervisor inquires about status of our policies on the library website; discussion ensues

9:00 – meet with Library Director and Library Services Manager (my supervisor) to discuss changes to how we show library policies on the website

9:20 – make changes to website policy listings

9:25 – email

9:45 – break

10:00 – communicate with potential speaker for staff in-service day

10:30 – test new database on external connection to make sure customer authentication is working properly

10: 40 – send reminder to staff about new database; launch new database

10:45 – email

11:00 – 1 hour shift at Reference Desk – some readers’ advisory (mostly audio books), questions about construction (new Civic Center being built behind the library), booking study rooms, etc.

12:05 – respond to comment on library Facebook page re: lack of cleanliness in public computer area (ugh! When people post a comment like that to Facebook, it indicates a breakdown in the system. Huge bummer.).

12:30 – talk to supervisor about customer complaint and where the system is breaking down; figure out best way to approach the problem

1:00 – lunch

2:00 – Admin Team meeting; this is the weekly meeting of the Library Director, Library Services Manager and Library Department Heads to discuss various and sundry library business. Notes from these meetings are distributed to staff. A few items I brought for information and/or discussion: volunteer recognition; staff in-service day; website project update; complaint about computer area not being cleaned properly; new database launch; retirement party arrangements for Information Systems Coordinator, etc.

4:00 – set up meeting with staff member to discuss customer incident

4:05 – email

4:15 – approve time sheets for my staff

4:30 – follow up on vendor query re: database renewal

4:40 – answer questions for website vendor

5:00 – done for the day!


July 28, 2011 at 10:31 am

Library Day in the Life 7/26/11

Day 2 of my Library Day in the Life project

I’m the Reference and Web Services Coordinator at a public library

8:00 – email

8:30 – prepare second floor for opening at 9:00

8:45 – go over notes for conference call later in the morning

9:00 – 1 hour shift at Children’s desk – quiet hour, gave out some SRP prizes, answered a few questions and worked on my LDITL post

10:00 – conference call with California Library Association Leadership Development Committee – love this group! Very productive call.

11:00 – 1 hour shift at Popular Library desk; answer lots of questions, place lots of holds, check Google Reader in between customers

12:00 – lunch (brought lunch today – baked ziti and a brownie – my husband is an awesome cook); read A Dance with Dragons

1:00 – email

1:20 – met with marketing person to discuss different ways of promoting Summer Reading Program on the website

1:40 – met with Information Systems Coordinator who is retiring at the end of this week (yikes!) to get information needed for a couple of projects and talk about coordinating issues with City IT department (they are taking over his duties)

2:00 – figure out project management system that website vendor set up; communicate with website vendor about bug fixes and project status; answer necessary questions

2:15 – test and approve bug fixes on new website; farm some tests out to Web Team for more thorough evaluation

3:10 – talk with Information Systems Coordinator, Library Services Manager, and Systems Librarian about issues with changeover to City IT

3:30 – break

3:45 – set up authorization for new database (Gale Directory Library); don’t have time to test access from outside library – put off until tomorrow

4:00 – 1 hour shift at Popular library

4:30 – get report of problem with placing holds in our OPAC; cut desk shift short in order to resolve the problem; realize that a feature we’re not using got turned on by our ILS vendor, resulting in odd messages appearing for customers; discover we can’t turn off the feature ourselves, has to be done by ILS vendor; ISC places service call while I notify staff

5:00 – done for the day! Head home.

July 28, 2011 at 9:19 am

Library Day in the Life 7/25/11

Hi, blog, I’ve missed you! Figured I’d use Library Day in the Life as a re-entry opportunity, rather than trying to catch up on what’s been happening over the past several months.

If you’ve ever wondered what a librarian does all day, check out some of the blogs and twitter feeds listed on the site above – you’ll see a real variety of job duties and get a good picture of what we do (HINT: it’s not “sit and read all day.” I don’t know of a single librarian that gets to do that at work, although many might like to :-).

I’m the Reference and Web Services Coordinator at a public library. Here’s what I did yesterday:

8:00 am – check email

8:15 – discussion with colleague re: schedules and prep for a meeting later in the day

8:25 – more email

8:30 – prepare second floor for opening at 9:00 (log in staff computers, put money in cash drawer, check that all equipment is turned on and working, etc.)

8:45 – troubleshoot downloadable book problems for two different customers

9:00 – prepare for book discussion podcast recording later in the day (REALLY should have done this further in advance); quick skim to refresh my memory on character names and major plot points

9:45 – email

10:00 – 1 hour shift at Information Desk in what we call the “Popular Library” area (high-demand items like new books, DVDs, magazines, CDs, etc.) – help lots of customers find books and DVDs; teach one customer how to download ebooks to her Nook

11:00 – 1 hour shift at Reference Desk; lots of computer questions and  a little readers’ advisory; talk to one frustrated customer who just found out he has to pay for email addresses from Reference USA because they aren’t included in the library’s subscription – help him find free alternatives, none of which are exactly what he wants;  in between questions, try to take a look at the project management software that our website vendor is using for the final stages of our project but quickly realize I need more time to be able to focus on that alone – put if off until later

12:00 – prep for meetings with a couple of staff members

12:30 – meet with staff member about change in job duties; touch base with another staffer and set up meeting for later in the day

1:00 lunch

1:50 – touch base with my supervisor, get his first impression of one of our new board members

2:00 – lead book discussion of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for the library’s monthly podcast (recording went smoothly – yay!)

2:30 – meet with two Web Team members to discuss screencasts and training classes to help with the launch of our new website in September

2:50 – email

3:00 – meet with another staff member to discuss change in job duties

3:35 – more email; follow up with customer on downloadable books troubleshooting progress

3:45 – break

4:00 – 1 hour shift at Reference Desk; mostly computer and book-finding help

5:00 – done for the day!

July 26, 2011 at 9:52 am

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