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Recent Trends in Federated Search

Frank Cervone and Jeff Wisniewski

what is federated search?

  • Searches multiple databases at once and presents results
  • problems with relevancy in result sets

usage overall is going up

marketplace is in flux > consolidation
It’s a mess!

federated search as one module of a larger effort to integrate all content into a single discovery tool
now work with next-gen OPACs:

  • worldcat local
  • primo
  • aquabrowser
  • encore

open source strategies

  • Library Find (Oregon state)
  • dbWiz (Simon Fraser University)
  • Masterkey (index data)

encore from III – has phrase tag cloud, not just word tag cloud; connects to indexing for records
Primo – university of iowa

Looking outside of libraryland

  • like something out of Deuteronomy (lots of begats)
  • universal repository interfacing > automatic taxonomy generation

endeca: doesn’t count…it’s just the catalog
seamark navigator
information mining of MARC records, etc. to illuminate relationships

Enhanced tools
open url referrer


  • number of vendors shrinking, open source options increasing
  • Progress on the standards front
    • sru/srw, OpenSearch
    • Resources migrating to xml information feeds
    • SRU searching is becoming more common, better control of search parameters
    • z39.50 is still the most prevalent
  • Holistic approach to content
  • more affordable turnkey solutions
  • data pre-processing options
    • to avoid distributed query model problems
    • harvesting of index data
    • speeds up searches
    • normalizes searches
  • inscreased use of visualization and clustering
    • encore, primo, aquabrowser
  • greater possibilities for off-site hosting

WebFeat and Serials Solutions doing the most right now in terms of turnkey solutions

Games: you can stop and save your current location, or go back to where you got off track and go to a new path – need to think about this in terms of our systems > flexible and forgiving


October 30, 2007 at 11:07 am

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