Library Day in the Life 7/27/11

July 28, 2011 at 10:31 am

Day 3 of my Library Day in the Life project

I’m the Reference and Web Services Coordinator at a public library

8:00 – check website to confirm yesterday’s problem has been resolved. It has.

8:05 – email; notify staff of problem resolution

8:25 – check new website & project management site, test more bug fixes

8:40 – supervisor inquires about status of our policies on the library website; discussion ensues

9:00 – meet with Library Director and Library Services Manager (my supervisor) to discuss changes to how we show library policies on the website

9:20 – make changes to website policy listings

9:25 – email

9:45 – break

10:00 – communicate with potential speaker for staff in-service day

10:30 – test new database on external connection to make sure customer authentication is working properly

10: 40 – send reminder to staff about new database; launch new database

10:45 – email

11:00 – 1 hour shift at Reference Desk – some readers’ advisory (mostly audio books), questions about construction (new Civic Center being built behind the library), booking study rooms, etc.

12:05 – respond to comment on library Facebook page re: lack of cleanliness in public computer area (ugh! When people post a comment like that to Facebook, it indicates a breakdown in the system. Huge bummer.).

12:30 – talk to supervisor about customer complaint and where the system is breaking down; figure out best way to approach the problem

1:00 – lunch

2:00 – Admin Team meeting; this is the weekly meeting of the Library Director, Library Services Manager and Library Department Heads to discuss various and sundry library business. Notes from these meetings are distributed to staff. A few items I brought for information and/or discussion: volunteer recognition; staff in-service day; website project update; complaint about computer area not being cleaned properly; new database launch; retirement party arrangements for Information Systems Coordinator, etc.

4:00 – set up meeting with staff member to discuss customer incident

4:05 – email

4:15 – approve time sheets for my staff

4:30 – follow up on vendor query re: database renewal

4:40 – answer questions for website vendor

5:00 – done for the day!


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