Library Day in the Life 7/26/11

July 28, 2011 at 9:19 am

Day 2 of my Library Day in the Life project

I’m the Reference and Web Services Coordinator at a public library

8:00 – email

8:30 – prepare second floor for opening at 9:00

8:45 – go over notes for conference call later in the morning

9:00 – 1 hour shift at Children’s desk – quiet hour, gave out some SRP prizes, answered a few questions and worked on my LDITL post

10:00 – conference call with California Library Association Leadership Development Committee – love this group! Very productive call.

11:00 – 1 hour shift at Popular Library desk; answer lots of questions, place lots of holds, check Google Reader in between customers

12:00 – lunch (brought lunch today – baked ziti and a brownie – my husband is an awesome cook); read A Dance with Dragons

1:00 – email

1:20 – met with marketing person to discuss different ways of promoting Summer Reading Program on the website

1:40 – met with Information Systems Coordinator who is retiring at the end of this week (yikes!) to get information needed for a couple of projects and talk about coordinating issues with City IT department (they are taking over his duties)

2:00 – figure out project management system that website vendor set up; communicate with website vendor about bug fixes and project status; answer necessary questions

2:15 – test and approve bug fixes on new website; farm some tests out to Web Team for more thorough evaluation

3:10 – talk with Information Systems Coordinator, Library Services Manager, and Systems Librarian about issues with changeover to City IT

3:30 – break

3:45 – set up authorization for new database (Gale Directory Library); don’t have time to test access from outside library – put off until tomorrow

4:00 – 1 hour shift at Popular library

4:30 – get report of problem with placing holds in our OPAC; cut desk shift short in order to resolve the problem; realize that a feature we’re not using got turned on by our ILS vendor, resulting in odd messages appearing for customers; discover we can’t turn off the feature ourselves, has to be done by ILS vendor; ISC places service call while I notify staff

5:00 – done for the day! Head home.


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