Library Day in the Life 7/25/11

July 26, 2011 at 9:52 am

Hi, blog, I’ve missed you! Figured I’d use Library Day in the Life as a re-entry opportunity, rather than trying to catch up on what’s been happening over the past several months.

If you’ve ever wondered what a librarian does all day, check out some of the blogs and twitter feeds listed on the site above – you’ll see a real variety of job duties and get a good picture of what we do (HINT: it’s not “sit and read all day.” I don’t know of a single librarian that gets to do that at work, although many might like to :-).

I’m the Reference and Web Services Coordinator at a public library. Here’s what I did yesterday:

8:00 am – check email

8:15 – discussion with colleague re: schedules and prep for a meeting later in the day

8:25 – more email

8:30 – prepare second floor for opening at 9:00 (log in staff computers, put money in cash drawer, check that all equipment is turned on and working, etc.)

8:45 – troubleshoot downloadable book problems for two different customers

9:00 – prepare for book discussion podcast recording later in the day (REALLY should have done this further in advance); quick skim to refresh my memory on character names and major plot points

9:45 – email

10:00 – 1 hour shift at Information Desk in what we call the “Popular Library” area (high-demand items like new books, DVDs, magazines, CDs, etc.) – help lots of customers find books and DVDs; teach one customer how to download ebooks to her Nook

11:00 – 1 hour shift at Reference Desk; lots of computer questions and  a little readers’ advisory; talk to one frustrated customer who just found out he has to pay for email addresses from Reference USA because they aren’t included in the library’s subscription – help him find free alternatives, none of which are exactly what he wants;  in between questions, try to take a look at the project management software that our website vendor is using for the final stages of our project but quickly realize I need more time to be able to focus on that alone – put if off until later

12:00 – prep for meetings with a couple of staff members

12:30 – meet with staff member about change in job duties; touch base with another staffer and set up meeting for later in the day

1:00 lunch

1:50 – touch base with my supervisor, get his first impression of one of our new board members

2:00 – lead book discussion of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for the library’s monthly podcast (recording went smoothly – yay!)

2:30 – meet with two Web Team members to discuss screencasts and training classes to help with the launch of our new website in September

2:50 – email

3:00 – meet with another staff member to discuss change in job duties

3:35 – more email; follow up with customer on downloadable books troubleshooting progress

3:45 – break

4:00 – 1 hour shift at Reference Desk; mostly computer and book-finding help

5:00 – done for the day!


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