You say you want a revolution?

April 14, 2010 at 9:29 pm

Have you been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution? Chef Jamie Oliver is on a mission to bring healthy food and eating habits to American schools and families. Whether you’re into the food aspect or not, it’s a great show for anyone who’s interested in the process of change.

Watching the show, I was struck by just how monumental a task Oliver set for himself. You can see from his TED talk on the subject that it’s something he’s passionate about, and he’s been able to get a lot of good support, including the TED prize. But we’re talking about two different types of change here: major lifestyle change on a huge scale, as well as massive organizational change. And guess what? Individually those things are HARD. Together, well…it’s a really big task.

For an example of how resistant people are to change, look no further than the lunch ladies that Oliver worked with in Huntington, VA. When one of them (Alice?) asked him for documentation to prove kids in the UK are eating with knives and forks in school, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. It was good reminder to me to look beyond the library world and realize that we don’t have it as bad as we sometimes think.

The show definitely has its gimmicky “made for TV” moments, but motivating and leading people towards real change is incredibly difficult, and kudos to Jamie Oliver for even taking it on.

Plus, gimmick thought it was, I loved the flash mob.


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