Corporate Culture and Motivation

August 27, 2009 at 9:40 pm

I came across a couple of things today that really got me thinking. First is a slide deck that Netflix uses to help new employees grasp the company culture. I work in a government organization (public library) and not everything in this presentation is applicable to that environment (e.g. the way they handle compensation), but there are so many good ideas and practices here. Allow some time – it’s a long one:

I like the values they list. I like the emphasis on Freedom & Responsibility and the way they organize their company around that. I”ll be going back to this one multiple times, I’m sure, as there’s a lot to chew on. [via Black Coffee]

The other thing is this TED talk by Dan Pink.

I really enjoyed Pink’s book The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, and I’m nearly done with A Whole New Mind, which is also fantastic. He’s got a book on motivation, Drive, coming out in December. This talk keys off of some of the ideas from his new book, and it’s actually really good news for organizations like libraries that don’t have the ability/budgets to use traditional incentives (bonuses, etc.), and for companies that used to have the budgets but don’t anymore. Guess what? Those incentives don’t work! The alternatives  would require a major cultural shift for most libraries, but they are at least in the realm of possibility. Again, not all the examples are workable (you can’t eliminate schedules when you serve the public), but there’s enough to start some great discussions. Watch the talk – it’s 18 minutes long, but Pink is an engaging speaker and well worth a listen. Let me know what you think.


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