Building Web 2.0 Native Library Services

November 2, 2007 at 8:24 pm

Casey Bisson

Student: Sociology of Education; Librarian: Educational Sociology
“Bagged Products”

Challenges to our catalogs:

Web 2.0 is made of people
Zogby poll: 24% say Internet can take the place of a significant other, at least for awhile

Transactional memory (study of couples) – couples learn what each other can remember
photo matching with contacts – id based on profile

The Web is powerful
when developed, realm of academics, then business, then became something other than what we predicted

metaphor: transportation: drive-through restaurants where people drive through and then sit in car in parking lot to eat

primacy of automobile is that it allows individuals to go where they want (as opposed to mass transit)

economics of plenty rather than economics of scarcity
Linux – IBM saves 900,000,000 because of linux

Web is evolutionary

Lessons from Web 2.0
We get one chance to prove that we’re not stupid
we’re trying to bend old systems to meet current needs, without fixing them
search boxes are for asking question
can you include search tips or guides in your results
links are citations
We are not the center of the universe
people use info from all different sources, and send it out in different ways
YouTube “easy embed code”
It should be easier for our customers to link to our catalogs
Valid, clean, semantic markup is essential
Sites that allow comments value their users
Your website is not a marketing tool…it’s a service point

faceted search and browsing tool
based on WordPress
free, open source
set of plugins for WordPress that lets you connect with library catalog/website
catalog importer
has III importer!!!
really ILS agnostic


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